Life without Credit – Day One

Today is 02 August 2017: the day I’ve hit the all-time lowest of the low financially: 

I’ve incurred a dishonour fee on my last credit card for a direct debit which I didn’t have enough funds for. My car is nearly out of petrol, we are on our last meals in the fridge, I need to replace a couple of broken plates from the hospice shop, and it’s still two days before pay day.

Thank God for balance transfers. If and when my dishonoured card gets approved, I have one year interest-free to pay it off. IF!!! Otherwise, I’ll have to face my interest demons. On top of that, I am paying two other personal loans, one more credit card, and a car loan. I’m giving myself until 2019. 

It took me two years to get myself into debt; I’m giving myself two years to get myself out of it. 

Step one of my plan: stop using all these credit cards to save me, because in reality they aren’t really my saviors.

Step two: if I have no money, then I don’t. This is going to be a completely foreign lifestyle for me. I already feel the pain.

Let this be Day One on my journey to freedom.

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