No Credit Card Day 3

I searched for my Westpac Hotpoints credit card in vain so I had to get a replacement one sent for $5 or $10.

Bought a $20 bottle of Gee’s linctus for my coughing household and deducted that from my petrol money.

I’ve got a birthday party coming up on 19 August. Time to get resourceful for presents that I don’t have.

Paid my child’s school activity fees for two terms – $70.

I hope the dishonor fee from early this week’s transaction doesn’t happen. I’m hoping I have an overdraft option on my ASB credit card but I’m not so sure. I’ll find out the hard way.

Overpaid ASB credit card. Got $2 transfer fee waived by calling the bank.

On budget so far so good as long as no other surprise expenses come up for this fortnight.

To make my no-credit lifestyle happen, I cut out the microchips out of my BNZ and ASB credit cards and took them out of my wallet so that I don’t take them out with me. The BNZ card just serves as the balance transfer card which I will close once I pay it off. Direct debits go out of the ASB card. The only transactioms they contain from now on are budgeted direct debits and nothing else. 

The reason I keep a credit card for my direct debits is so that I don’t accidentally get dishonored and I have a 55-day timeframe to pay it off just in case emergencies disrupt my cashflow.

But other than that, I have made zero space in my life for purchasing further items on credit. I still have a very long way to go before paying off all this debt, but I’m glad I took the first few steps in finally being off the credit grid.

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