BUYER FOREVER – No Credit Card Day 17

Here’s something I just realized: I never will be able to successfully execute a 1 year shopping ban. Not because I lack self control (well partly maybe) but because my declared purposes in life involve money. Purposes for my church, my escaping and pooping cat, my kids, my health, my frustration with finding the perfume of my dreams outside of the Philippines, the rearing of ugly blackheads blackheads and the continued stubbornness of my thick, brunette hair. 

-$13.75 cat flea collars x 4pcs. That way I will be on top of it for 4 months.

-$24.50 cat litter. I’m shocked at how small the package actually lasts. I’ll be happy if it lasts my cat a month.

-$24 scrub caps. Because I just GOT to have 5 pairs. One for each day. And the first two I bought were too small for my head. The ones I bought at $12 each were sure as heck expensive, but they are quality and a nicer fit.

-$13 purple hair dye by Loreal this time. Because the purple Schwarzkopf ones just turn my hair into a dark pink. Alas, it didn’t work. Again! It’s a good thing I only used test amounts. I see a future painful expense where I will have to be ordering hair bleach AGAIN. But this time, instead of leaving it for 30-45 minutes as per the packet, I will leave it on for half the day if that’s what it takes to turn my black hair blonde. Because with the state of my current finances, the return of satisfaction on my purchases matters more to me than the health of my hair. For the next two years, anyway. I can’t afford to spend more money on last causes. (And I’m looking at you, hair).

-$13 Biore pore strips. Because my father and I want to start living a blackhead-free life. And at this price, it was already on sale. (Grr. It’s so expensive here in Auckland).

-$11.42 DD really loved The Worst Witch series on Netlfix she rewatched it five times already. In my desperate efforts to introduce my children to my love for books, I saw a TV tie-in one at The Book Depository and with free shipping to NZ, I knew I couldn’t get it at a better price. So another swipe. There goes all my profits from selling my belongings like crazy the previousweeks before.

And the last and most expensive purchase was (drum roll please). . .

-211.67 NZD for my personal copy pre-made preteen and teen youth Bible lessons in a box that I’m sure will last me for the entire time that my partner and I will be handling the youth ministry. I am not a schooled youth pastor and I want to do them good so I went ahead and got this.

So there you have it, all my out of budget expenses in the past 11 days of silence since my last blog post *cries and drowns in her wallet hole*

I realize now that I am, and have always been, a buyer, and not so much of a profit making seller.

So now that my Westpac Hotpoints is active, and once all my direct debits have been loaded onto this card, I will cut off its microchip again and not load it onto my Paypal account so that I don’t end up using it for anything other than direct debits. Harsh? Yes. But it’s the only discipline that will work for me.

And once that is all sussed, I will have no choice but to stick to my EFTPOS cards and debit cards once more.

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