Last Vanity Buys??? No Credit Card Day 28

After long last, my Westpac Hotpoints credit card is now active. I know I kind of promised that I will cut its microchip off, but I just realized that in case of a fire, a larger-than-life reason to need tickets to escape the country all of a sudden, a zombie apocalypse, or some other life-threatening emergency, I will still need at least ONE credit line going because I have ZERO savings to date. 

Aaaaaand because I realized that it’s *wise* to rack up Hotpoints sooner and faster (130 Hotpoints per fortnight to be exact) if I use my credit card to pay for petrol and work parking instead of my noble EFTPOS or debit card. The more Hotpoints I get, the more $20 Warehouse vouchers I get, which can be applied towards diapers and bathroom essentials.

But being the undisciplined spender that I am, I need tangible ways to keep myself in check. I intend to do this by keeping my credit card hidden somewhere in the car to that it can be used for that purpose, and that purpose only! (Clever, huh?)
Anyway, like I said, I committed a couple of sins that have set me back by $87.96, and they are:

-$55: Samala cosmetics purchase for some white eye paints and pigments (because you can’t make white pigment from scratch. And I NEEDED a white eyeshadow. I really did. I shit you not); liquid foundation (My existing one is only 1/4 full and 4 years old); nude lipgloss (I don’t own any lipgloss); and a concealer (my current one is a shade off, and mixing it with this one will probably make it just right). And guess What? I got a free eyeshadow brush with this purchase. As the official sponsor for Miss Universe New Zealand 2017, I assumed that they made their price points ridiculously high like some of the more popular makeup brands, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the sale prices really were sale prices. And the items that were on sale, I actually needed anyway! I knew I needed to take the chance. And I wasn’t disappointed. To be honest, nine items for $55 including shipping is just $6.11 per item for four liquid foundations, one eye paint pot, one eyeshadow pan, one tube of concealer, one tube of lip gloss, and one eyeshadow brush. Samala has positioned itself as a professional makeup artist brand. True their regular-priced items and professional workshops have the high end prices, but I was able to get professional makeup quality at the sale price of drugstore branded makeup. $55 quid well spent for this makeup-happy gal:-)

-$32.96 for two 100ml bottles of Baby Bench Lemon Drop Cologne. I wish my beloved Philippines would step up its game internationally and started catering to worldwide customers. Yes we have a lot of cheaply made products, but there are heaps of hits as well. I have smelled many a scent, but the ones I long for the most are Philippine-made perfumes! I searched far and wide for them, and this was the best price for the Baby Bench colognes, sold by a business-minded Fil-Am based in America, hence the exorbitant shipping fees to NZ. I really only paid for shipping. The colognes themselves where practically free (grrr).

So there goes all the money I earned from selling stuff off in the previous weeks, and my $100 emergency fund.

Now that I will have myself looking and smelling the way I want, it’s time to wear the frugality hat and fight my battle with debt once more. 

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