“No Credit Card” Month 4

Sorry for the 4-month long silence.

In that short span of time, I have dedicated myself to a whole new religion (Orthodoxy), formed a different new passion (travel prepping), and sucked into some good old nostalgia (Tamagochi toys specifically).

Consequently as a result of those life choices, I spent a few unexpected dollars here and there. So before I go on any further, it would be correct of me to say that the “No Credit Card” lifestyle for me these past 5 months has been a complete fail.

What I have changed, however, instead of living without a credit card, is to start living with no further wants from now on.

If there is only one thing that has come out of all this spending, is that this month, December 2017, I have finally stopped questioning who I am and my life’s calling.

I am Frances Colleen.

Daughter of the God of the universe.

Mom of two.

Middle class, and proud.

A product of love, life lessons, hard work, and sacrifice.

Worshipper through music.

Life saver at work.

Imparter of wisdom to the youth.

Active participant and celebrant of all the fun and beauty this world has to offer, without having to buy them in order to do so.

If I can learn to be content with all the junk I have amassed from the false sense of purchasing power my credit cards have given me over the past eight years, I honestly have a lifetime’s worth of passions, projects, clothes, makeup, toys and books to chew on. I don’t need any more than what I cannot afford.

I am looking forward to 2018 for a fresh start. I have been successful in completing a 365 photo challenge on my Instagram. I will use that momentum to start a no credit card shopping challenge next year.

I am Frances and I am a shopaholic.

I am a living, breathing human being and want things as much as I love people and love life for as long as I live.

But if I can curb my wants within the limits of my cash, I will be a better human being for it, the bondage will be broken, and these past eight years shopaholism will no longer have a foothold on my life.

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